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An increase of the number is going to be a reward for your efforts. You can do well by posting news, informative information, or active involvement in the neighborhood. The method that you turned out to be area of the discussion just isn't because important as the method that you be involved in town (ie shared valuable informative data on this web site). Concerning more submissions per month, you (1) merely boost the amount of upvotes per day which you do (2) your writing improves which appeals to more readers toward website and you also (3) place premium articles in your internet site which gains you more web site traffic.

Finally, easily comprehend such questions precisely i suggest that a person who would be an "expert" is asking himself about subjects that are not meant for beginners. Regarding your concern. I would really like to have more toward the base of the rating as I have experienced more above what is perfect. But that'll be determined by time, or just how much time I spend on the website. You can find currently many other areas to ask concerns, if it is a significant problem you then'd better make a post one of these.

I agree totally that it's probably from the rules, therefore I don't think we should have people posting answers for others, and then upvoting them. That's just gonna produce unnecessary stress, and I also'm sure people can't stand if they can't trust the karma, and so I think it's just best to get the person on reddit and get them your self if you're worried they are spamming. Ohanian said that the user base had been the main reason that the company decided to sell its assets.

"The problem is that reddit is very big now," Ohanian said. "So our biggest asset is our individual base. We've many traffic inside U. We have many traffic on the planet. The issue is that the great majority of our users are anonymous, and that's a problem, and it's really not something that people want to stick to reddit, especially if we want to succeed later on." I do not think it's a good idea to abuse the system.

It'd get out of hand pretty quickly and might induce all sorts of things - you will be publishing something which's incorrect, a spam post, or posting the incorrect thing. Then you definitely'd obtain the "downvotes" all around us for "unhelpful" posts. But, Ohanian said, "the user base is really all we will be offering." The move to offer its assets while focusing on its user base is a radical modification of direction for Reddit, which includes become understood for the off-the-wall memes, pictures, and videos of the Web.

In just a few years, Reddit became the largest internet site in terms of traffic inside U.S. based on, because of the success of the "Ask me personally any such thing" function, that allows users to ask celebrities, celebrities' fans, or perhaps about anyone anything. "the concept is the fact that we will just take a brand new model for reddit," Ohanian said. "We're going to begin taking more investment inside our infrastructure and our technology, and much more investment in our people, our culture, and simply making sure that we're doing the right things the community.